Purebred Black Angus breeding ranch on the lower Elk River in SW Missouri.

Our Purpose

The 808 is an innovative, retail-focused ranch. We are third and fourth generation ranchers equipped with modern ranching technologies, data-driven insights on beef-consumer trends and key relationships with world retailers. We are consistently producing genetically superior cattle and are uniquely positioned to help build reliable beef supply chains that benefits both the rancher and the consumer.

Our Values


Land Stewardship

We have strategically built an infrastructure of sustainable ranching - improving waterways, planting native trees for shade and erosion control, and practicing regenerative grazing to honor the natural cycles of the land and the needs of the cattle that live here.


Animal Welfare

We know happy, healthy animals produce the best meat, so our BQA certified employees have eyes on every cow, calf and bull every day. We are familiar with the movement and needs of the herd and leverage technology to build best practices in animal welfare and sustainability.



We use technology to ensure that every calf, cow and bull have their best day every day. As a beta-test ranch for AgTech software like Breedr and Vytelle, we harness data to build a herd with unrivaled carcass quality, maternal attributes, temperament and health profiles.


Community Involvement

We support FFA and Junior Angus among other programs to equip the next generation for the evolving world of ranch management. We are working to build an economically sustainable business model to reduce resistance to the generational hand-off. 



We believe generosity is fundamental to both a successful business model and a fulfilled life. We consistently look for opportunities to support our community through youth programs, relief funds or charitable donations because we have witnessed firsthand that it is more blessed to give than to receive.



In part, we bought The 808 to engage the local community and cultivate relationships. We are proud of what we've built and the ranch is open - for business and for friendship. We are thrilled when we get to host friends, youth groups, school clubs, aspiring ranchers and family out on the ranch.

Our Culture

As kids, the Steigers walked the land with our dad who could name every plant that grew across our ranch. He was an early innovator with agricultural tech and taught us how to move cows with gentleness and care. Today, his legacy of stewardship, innovation, and animal welfare is fundamental to everything we do. We know our business practices and resource management impact so much more than our bottom line. Caring for our employees, nurturing our herd and stewarding our land are key to any metrics of success.


American Angus Association

Missouri Angus Association

Arkansas Angus Association

American Quarter Horse Association

Beef Improvement Federation

NCBA (National Cattlemen's Beef Association)

US Cattletrace

21st Century Beef Club


US Roundtable Sustainable Beef Ranch Safety Standards

Beef Quality Assurance

Lamar & Shari Steiger

Owning The 808 Ranch is the realization of a lifelong dream for Lamar and Shari. Growing up on ranches themselves, the Steigers developed a love of the land and a desire to cultivate that same love in future generations. After they got married, Lamar and Shari worked Jac’s ranch together, riding horses after dinner, scouring the land for rocks with holes and taking family drives to check on the cattle.

When the dream of owning The 808 became a reality in 2020, the Steigers envisioned a ranch that built on the legacies of their parents and grandparents. Not only did they endeavor to cultivate excellence in their cattle operation, but to also invest in the next generation of aspiring ranchers and farmers. Understanding the demands of ranch life firsthand, the Steigers are actively engaged in the local community to empower the next generation to take up the task when it’s time.

Lamar and Shari intentionally built The 808 as a place to gather, reconnect, and create lasting memories amidst the beauty of nature. Together, they are working to elevate America’s herd and cultivate a love for the land and industry in the next generation, while fostering beautiful memories for everyone who gets the opportunity to visit The 808.

Our Team

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