Ranch History

Four Generations of Ranching Innovation

1930 - 1983


Our story begins with a purchase of the JH Ranch in the Northeast corner of Wyoming in the late 1930s by Carl Steiger. After his military service in WWII, Carl’s son, Don Steiger, took over the management of the ranch and became an early innovator, implementing the use of artificial insemination, continental breeds, and performance testing in the 1950’s. After thirty years in Wyoming, Don Steiger moved his family to NW Arkansas and developed a beef/dairy operation that his son, Lamar, managed. In 1983, Don sold the Arkansas ranch to Jack Shewmaker, Lamar’s father-in-law and Lamar managed Jac's Ranch until the late 90's.



Under Lamar’s management, Jac’s Ranch became the largest Angus seed-stock producer in Arkansas. When Lamar and Shari took a ranching hiatus to raise their family in the late 90's, Carl Steiger, Lamar’s oldest brother, personally selected GK Discovery (1982 National Champion) as a young bull to be the first herd sire at Jac’s Ranch. Next, he worked in NW Missouri at Glenkirk Farms, the industry leader in carcass quality and Great Genetics. Carl then managed Pearson Land & Cattle at Rich Hill, Missouri for nearly 30 years, establishing a reputation for producing consistently in-demand Angus calves. Simultaneously, in 2016, Lamar began consulting major retailers on gaps in their beef supply chains, educating industry leaders on sustainable ranching practices, leveraging genetic data and protecting animal welfare for the best quality beef in America. Lamar unwittingly established himself as an industry expert on beef supply in America and found the work thrilling.

Oct 15 2020


In 2020 when Lamar’s consulting business slowed due to Covid, Lamar and Shari decided to return to their roots, purchasing several hundred acres on the Elk River in Southwest Missouri. The 808 Ranch was created on October 15, 2020, with a vision for elevating America’s herd and establishing a gathering place for loved ones to forge connections and create enduring memories amid the beauty of nature. Improvements to the land, facilities and fencing began immediately.

2020 - Present


We built The 808 on a legacy of innovation, stewardship, and empowering the next generation. We are strategic and careful in every facet of our business because we know the meticulous approach fosters sustainable growth. We plan every mating to ensure that every calf is genetically unrivaled. We’re deeply invested in regenerative grass management and land conservation. We’re beta-testing ground breaking AgTech to guarantee the welfare of our herd. In everything we do, we have our eyes on the future in order to building a generationally sustainable ranch model not just for our kids, but for the evolving world of ranch management and meat consumption in America.

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