Jun 1, 2024

The Musgrave and Heston families

The Heston and Musgrave families enjoy the river and the ranch!

The Musgrave and Heston families
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The Musgrave and Heston families
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Carl Steiger

Lamar and Shari’s daughter Olivia Heston, her husband Tyler, and their two son's Ansel and Flint spent the first weekend in June at The 808 in the Fort Elk River cabin. The Heston's dear friends, Matt and Johanna Musgrave and their three daughters joined them for a fun filled weekend on the river and on the ranch. Johanna is with Revival Agency (previously known as Campbell Creative) and contributed her skills of corralling our ideas & thoughts and crafting copy for our new The 808 Ranch website. Thank you, Johanna - you are an amazing wordsmith!

Photo left to right: Matt & Johanna Musgrave with their girls and Olivia & Tyler Heston with their boys.

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